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How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay You Can Be Proud Of

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Rhetorical analysis papers are academic content that examines the techniques and intent of the author and not the actual content of the work that is examined. As such, the rhetorical analysis essay can pose serious challenges for a student. Most of the students that come to us and say: write my essay have never handled such a task before, which makes it very stressful and challenging for them.

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Luckily, we are here not only to assist you in writing a paper, but also in teaching you how to write a rhetorical analysis essay. Let’s take a look at our short, but very useful guide.

What is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Every rhetorical essay definition you find online can be different, which is very confusing. Here is how an expert essay writer explains this assignment:

This paper explores how the rhetorician or creator of a given content came up with that content i.e. composed the work. As the writer of this paper, you need to analyze the writer’s purpose and goals, as well as elaborate on the techniques used to make arguments in the original piece of content.

A rhetorical analysis can be done on different pieces of content such as speeches, scholarly articles, art exhibits, advertisements, television shows and films, as well as novels. It is mostly used in academics to demonstrate the student’s research capabilities, their analysis process, as well as academic writing.

Short Guide on Writing a Rhetorical Essay

Just like any other essay, this one also must have eat least 5 paragraphs and include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Let’s take a look at the process now.

How to Start a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

To start this assignment, you need to create a rhetorical analysis essay online. This is based on the information you find during the research process. To find the necessary data, you need to go through the list of provided rhetorical analysis essay topics, choose your favorite one, and research both online and offline.

We recommend the SOAPSTone technique for the research part of this paper. This is an acronym for the following:

  • Speaker: who tells the story
  • Occasion: when and where the creative work takes place
  • Audience: who’s the targeted audience of the author
  • Purpose: why the writer did their research and work
  • Subject: The subject and idea behind the content
  • Tone: The writer’s style and attitude in the writing

Your outline should include all of this information carefully split across the rhetorical analysis essay structure. The paper itself should also use something called ‘appeals’. These are persuasive strategies and can include logical appeals (evidence and data), pathetic appeals (appealing to the emotions of the reader), and ethical appeals (establishing the credibility of the writer).

When you’re done collecting this information, it’s time to write the rhetorical analysis essay introduction. This part should be concise, short and clear and only introduce the topic, not delve into the details. In it, the author provides a brief background about the work being reviewed and the person who created it, as well as the relevance of this essay.

Lastly, the introduction must include the thesis statement, a sentence at its end that shows what the paper is about, and what argument you want to make by the rhetorical analysis essay conclusion.

How to Craft the Body Paragraphs

Next is the longest part of the rhetorical analysis essay format – the body paragraphs. These can be three or more, and each paragraph should introduce a new piece of data. But, you cannot simply throw data onto the paper. You need to organize the paragraphs by appeals and efficacy, speak of the techniques that the writer used, use chronological or other approach, and connect them with each other.

It is up to the writer to organize the paragraphs, which is where that outline we mentioned can come really hand. At the end of every paragraph, it’s important to tie the topic you introduced back to the thesis statement in the introduction.

How to End a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

To finalize your writing, you need to create a conclusion. This part repeats the thesis statement but in different words, summarizes the main points of the paper, and comes up with a conclusion. You should never, ever include new information in this part. It serves to summarize the key data and maybe give a call to action to prompt further research on behalf of the reader.

Some Tips for When You Write Your Rhetorical Analysis

When you’re done writing, you still need to do some things to make sure that your paper is amazing. In addition to some editing tips, we present you with a couple of things that we think will be useful:

  • Practice rhetorical analysis. This will get easier with time, so why not practice a bit by writing a short rhetorical analysis of your favorite movies and books? This will be much more entertaining and a great practice.
  • Format and edit your paper into perfection. Even the best work can look sloppy unless it is formatted and styled correctly. Edit everything and check the original instructions for confirmation.
  • Use strong academic language. This assignment needs to be purely academic and sound very professional. Use words that support, establish and describe and imply that you’ve analyzed the original content carefully ant thoroughly.
  • Support everything with data. To make the text more credible and get a higher grade, support everything with quotes, facts, and paraphrases.
  • Don’t finish with a cliché. Most conclusions of such papers end with things like: in summary or in conclusion. Don’t use overused phrases – they are annoying for professors who read dozens of these every time they assigned a rhetorical analysis paper. Instead, be creative in your conclusion. There’s no need why you should start in this way.
  • Cite every source you use. When you’re analyzing someone else’s work, you’ll need to use a variety of sources for your writing. Make sure to cite all of them properly to avoid plagiarism.

Wrapping Up

Rhetorical analysis is not simple because your task is to analyze something others have written. However, practice can help you a lot with this, and so can our service. If you struggle with time restrictions, dislike or do not understand the work of the author you need to analyze, don’t worry – we have your back. Hopefully, this guide helps you start and complete a great essay on your own.

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