Methods of the outline

You can choose from a number of ways of essay outline the one that is the most suitable for your essay format and is more convenient for you. Here are some of outlining methods : traditional, box, and mind-mapping format outlines.

The traditional format outline.
A traditional outline starts with enumerating all the main points of an essay, and then comes listing of all the sub-topics of those ideas and evidence which back up the idea or sub-topic.

The box format outline.
The box outline visibly splits your writing into several sections. Each box contains related ideas supporting each of the sections. Box plan devotes less attention to detail and is more general.

For example, your topic is "Different Approaches to Upbringing Preschool Children"

Approaches Description of each approach Effect on children
Characteristic methods of the approach, illustrative examples describing each approach Describing pros and cons of every method, examples

The mind-map format outline.
This type of an outline is the most flexible. You may change your mind map or outline it any time you choose. It is much more convenient and simpler for you to rearrange your essay, leaving out or adding some points to a mind map than to take pains to rewrite it all over again.

You can easily create your own mind map: place the subject of your essay in the middle, and then draw branches (subtopics) from the central idea. The aim of this type of outline is just to classify ideas in related groups. No matter which way to arrange your writing you choose, mind that it is only a tool that helps you to organize the information.