Journals, newspapers, magazines


Journals, newspapers and magazines serve to enrich the content of your essay or research paper. On specific days of the week they ( e.g The Guardian, the Times, The Independent) offer publications devoted to particular topics, law, business, medicine or culture. You can use these latest facts for your essay and moreover you will see an example of a proper elegant writing style. Later on you can attempt to apply it in your own writing.

Using articles from the journals, newspapers and magazines in your essay you should remember that they differ in terms of their slant, reliability and accuracy of the presented data.

Magazines and newspapers contain articles written by a professional journalists and talented reporters. But you will hardly find information submitted by a scholar or a researcher in these editions. On the whole magazines are meant for general public rather than for academic purposes. Do not support a significant argument or idea of your essay only with a fact originated from the magazines. As sometimes the data here is invalid and rather subjective. Probably George Orwell was right when he stated, that "no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper". Moreover, it does not provide a deep insight into the issue and sufficient analysis of the problem. Details from magazine and newspaper articles can successfully add up to a more credible and academic oriented information resources included in your essay. But it is not a good idea to rely only on them.

Articles published in journals usually focus on research and experiment results and discuss latest innovations in science as well as scientific controversial issues. Such periodicals collaborate with professors and scholars in various spheres of modern science. Before you come to see this material in the journal it is peer-reviewed and carefully edited. Such approach guarantees reliability and objectiveness of the information you are going to apply into your essay.

As articles from these sources are not your own thoughts you should observe the reference rules. Be sure to indicate this information when citing the articles form journals, newspapers and magazines:

article title -- in quotation marks
journal ( magazine, newspaper ) title -- underlined or in italics
volume number
year of publication
page numbers

Look at the example of a journal citation.

note: Sander L. Gilman, "Mind and Body in the History of Psychiatry", History of Psychiatry17 ( 2006): 34 -45.