Informal Essay


You can easily guess the essence of informal essay. It involves informal matters that are somehow relevant only to the writer, the reader and the subject. It may be given as an extra-curriculum assignment by a psychologist to evaluate some of the traits of the student; or by a teacher to determine the final grade with the help of this type of an assignment.

Though this assignment is called informal, you shouldn't use this factor to feel free to use any style and any language you like. Your style should match the academic level of erudition and the subject.

Before getting on to actual writing it might be a good idea to establish a detailed plan where you give the chain of events you want to tell about in your essay. This plan will help not to get lost in the doubts concerning the plot.

The structure in the essay should be the same. Your assignment should consist of introduction, the main body and the conclusion. The difference between this type of assignment and the others is that this essay is concentrated rather on the events than on your understanding of them. You devote more attention to what is happening than why it is happening.

  • In the introduction you present the setting, so the reader understands the circumstances of action.
  • In the main body you give a description of the events that are happening. Be sure to mention events that had further results that have influenced you in some way.
  • In the conclusion you tell why this particular chain of events or a single event was important to you.

This type of essay reveals your creative skills better than any other. The mentioned above structure is standard but there are some changes you can make. The sequence (place, time, action) may vary. You can use inverted way and structure your essay in the way you believe is original.

Proofreading is a part of the assignment, so make sure you go through your paper before submitting it.