Connection of the Paragraphs

A well-written paragraph itself is only a part of the structure called an essay. In order to present the evidence correctly, the paragraphs should be connected with each other, creating an impression of continuous flow of information.

A new paragraph presents a new idea of your story. There are several devices to build a smooth and natural transaction this between paragraphs. They are:

  • Linking words and phrases (connectives). This is a stylistic moment of any paper. Linking words and phrases make your writing more interesting to the reader and easier to understand. Their functions are to join sentences into a longer one, to show how ideas are related either between two sentences or two paragraphs, to introduce etc.
  • Quotations and rhetorical questions. These literary devices are destined to draw attention to specific moments of a paragraph and make a reader analyze the text and the matter discussed in it.
  • Referral. Starting a new paragraph, an author should make a referral to the previous to show the connection of the points and the idea they support.

    After using necessary techniques, do not forget to make sure that they are used to the point and with a definite purpose.