Classification Essay


You will have no difficulty in writing the classification essay, as you already possess skills needed for completing this assignment. You apply abilities to classify things into different categories every day in your life. That is what you are expected to do in your classification essay.

You should start your work on deciding what thing/ idea you are going to categorize. It is better to choose a topic you know well. Choosing a classification essay topic mind that it must be representative of a definite class.

Selecting three items within your class allows you to produce three body paragraphs, an introductory part and a conclusion. For example, you want to write about three types of inventions, you essay will comprise three body paragraphs, each describing the particular characteristics of a different invention. In the thesis you will just state the existence of these three types. You will use comparison/ contrast techniques for pointing out their differences and similarities.


Introduction: Give background information about the three inventions

Supporting paragraphs:

  • Define and describe telephone
  • Define and describe radio
  • Define and describe Internet

Summary paragraph: Decide which is the most significant.

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