10 Best Excuses for not Writing Your Essay

Best Essays is discovering 10 best excuses that students normally give after failing to hand in an assignment on time. Some of these excuses sound genuine while others are simply hilarious. The teacher will probably have heard of this alibi over and over again from different students and may not be sympathetic to you. If you've ever struggled with handing in your school work on time, you're in the right place. Bestessays.com is here to help you. That's because we developed trusted system where students have their essays done on time for that deadline making your school life a lot easier. For a long time bestessays.com has been working with students and knows what are the excuses students use.


Some of these excuses such as "the dog ate my essay" have been used for a long time even though it sounds impossible; others such as "I accidentally left my essay at home" might be genuine but often at time are not. Still there are students who claim to never have understood the topic and need some help form the teacher. This will at times work for you but make sure not to use it more than once. We also heard an excuse that was hilarious, a student claiming the essay was kidnapped by aliens. This can either amuse the teacher or invite here wrath on you.


All these excuses will rarely work; the teacher has heard the reasons from many students before. Order your essay at bestessays.com and get to beat the deadline. We guarantee you original essays, excellent customer support and affordable prices. Order your Buy essay now and get to enjoy our services tailored for all your needs.

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