Using the World Wide Web

  "Information on the Internet is subjected to the same rules and regulations as conversation at a bar."

Nowadays we cannot imagine doing research for college or university without Internet. It is normal. But you should remember one thing: your paper can either benefit or lose from Internet. Lots of information offered here is both an advantage and disadvantage of the Internet - it is absolute freedom or complete disorder depending on your ability to use it carefully and critically.

So, how can you avail from using the World Wide Web? Here are some clues.

First, the net is indispensable when choosing the workable topic. Internet can serve as an efficient brainstorming tool. Besides you will instantly see the availability of the material on the selected topic. Searching the net you will easily determine controversial problems and opposing opinions which are the basis of sound papers. One of the most important advantages of the information on the net is its unparalleled currency. Here, no printed edition can attain such level of currency. Though this information may not be relevant to your particular topic.

To do the best of your Internet research, follow these guidelines:

Your paper must not depend entirely on the net sources. It is necessary to ensure that the web information is trustworthy and solid by checking it against the library sources.

Make your research topic more specific. Not to be lost in the ocean of the available information narrow down your topic by formulating accurate questions for search engines.

Know what subject directories and search engines you use. Search Portfolio page can be your best advisor in it. Google, alltheweb (or Fast), Alta Vista, Yahoo and a number of other search engines are completely different in terms of their work. That is why using one search engine will not do. Use a few of them to find different information on the required issue.

Keep track of the sites you are using. It will give you an opportunity to revisit the helpful sites once again and include the necessary references into your paper.

Mind, the information from the Internet follows the citation rules which differ from other citations. Basically you should provide the reader with a detailed pathway to find the source with no difficulty. The common format is as follows:

Author, date, Title: , (date accessed).

If you use the information from the archive, it must be reflected in the reference:

Author, date, Title: newsgroup name, (date accessed). Archived at: .

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