Structure of Introduction



Structure of Introduction
Every composition needs a structure. A number of statements, chaotically put into a paragraph will not make a positive impression. Only lucid structure and creative approach will generate a foreword worth reading. If you want the reader to go on reading your essay, study the following tips carefully and apply them to your essay:

  • Formulate a statement which you are going to reveal, and place it into your introduction. This in an obligatory requirement how to create written assignments.
  • Make your language rich in adjectives and adverbs that are considered the creators of the atmosphere in the essay. Of course, they should be united in a coherent plot arousing the reader's interest and show your knowledge of necessary material. You are to show that your paper is worth reading.
  • The main idea of the topic should be in a thesis statement. It is the most important part of an introduction. All other sentences should be built around the topic.
  • Provide any relevant background information that may show your excellent knowledge of the literature on the issue. A brief but pertinent quotation makes an introduction brighter and more interesting.