Expository Essay


Don't think that writing expository essay is just a waste of time. This basic writing skill is required in many careers. Besides it will develop your critical thinking and teach you to analyze problems, etc. Unlike personal essay, in your expository essay you present someone else's point of view without expressing your personal opinion. The success of your essay depends on your careful planning and organization. You must be able to:

  • Emphasize important points
  • Separate the thesis and its supporting arguments
  • Be objective when sharing the ideas with the readers.
When you give a description of a complicated procedure, you must present its stages in a logical order and analyze the process. To enhance the reader understands you must provide sufficient precise examples. Your writing style must be brief, straightforward and clear. Ask your teacher: "In what person should I write my essay?". As a rule expository essays are written in the second person (you). You can end your expository essay in many ways. We will list below the most common types of conclusion.
  • Restatement of the argument (gives a reader larger perception of the subject significance)
  • Statement of your contribution (makes the essay not so abstract)
  • Sharing with the reader the next step in the research argument
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