A Review



Reviews are short descriptions of books, movies, plays, TV programs, etc. They are written to inform readers and viewers and to give them your opinion/recommendation about whether (or not) they should read a book, or see a film/play/etc.

A review should consist of:

  • The introduction. Here you summarize all the background information of the book/film/etc. (i.e. title, name of author/director, type, setting, etc.);
  • The main body incorporating two paragraphs: one about the main points of the plot, presented in the chronological order, and another including general comments on the plot, the main characters, the acting, the directing, etc.
  • The conclusion contains your recommendations about the book/film/play/etc with supporting reasons. Reviews are normally found in newspapers, magazines or as parts of a letter. Your writing style depends on the publication and the intended reader and can be formal or semi-formal.

You normally use present tenses and a variety of adjectives to describe the plot and make your comments more clear and to the point.

To make your review more interesting to the reader you can add details about the plot using relative clauses.

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