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A research essay aims at your answering a problematic issue connected with the topic under study. Research essay suggests deep study of the source materials and assimilating this new knowledge with your point of view. In brief the main goal of research essays is to contrast your ideas with the presented in the given sources.

To assure the deep and thorough research of the topic, don't choose something global or too broad as the topic. It will be impossible for you to cover all its points in your essay.

The typical risk of any research essay is plagiarism. Don't crowd your essay with a series of someone else's words and opinions. You must acknowledge any idea that is not your own and cite it accordingly. Your essay must present your ideas supported with reliable evidence.

You extract evidence either from primary or secondary sources.

The primary source is the text on which you are commenting, or document s that deal directly with your topic. The original text or documents connected directly with your topic are primary sources. Someone else's opinion on the issue relates to secondary sources.

Evidence covers particular examples adding up to your central thesis. Strive for a variety of examples in your essay. Choose only pertinent, vivid and convincing examples.

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