You should always edit your piece of writing before handing it in. It is very important to proofread what you've written to make sure that your essay is flawless. In this case it is very important to analyze yourself.

Try to be as objective as possible. Before submitting your paper, make sure:

  • You have used complete sentences and that the words are in the correct order. Use colloquial terms only when absolutely necessary (quotation, fact), otherwise omit the usage of such;
  • You have used the correct grammar ;
  • You don't repeat words, phrases, expressions, etc.
  • There are no spelling errors;
  • You have used the correct punctuation;
  • You have indented the paragraphs

This is a list of possible mistakes that may appear in your essay. You also have to think carefully about your typical errors. If you know that you have problems with spelling or grammar, check for such mistakes more attentively. Professional proofreaders go through the text carefully at least ten times. Make sure to go through what you have read at least five times before turning the paper in. Be as objective as possible, it is rather difficult to spot mistakes in your own paper, but there is nothing impossible for a willing person. If you are likely to make typos in a particular word (e.g. suspicion), check for such errors carefully. If there is something you are not sure about, consult a dictionary or an expert. It is a good idea to read the text out loud and slowly: it increases the chance of spotting a mistake. And finally, it is more difficult to detect mistakes in your own work than in someone else's, so don't be afraid to develop critical attitude towards your work while proofreading.

Thank you.

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