Using Apostrophe in the Possessive Case



The possessive Case of the Nouns '/'s conveys the following meanings:

  • Possession - my elder brother's car, my friends' photos;
  • Relationship - the chairman's secretary;
  • Measurement - ten days' vacation.

You can form the possessive case using '/'s depending on each particular case. Study the rules in the table below to form possessives correctly.

Add's Add'
For nouns in singular: the manager's papers; For nouns ending in 's Dickens' novels (though 's is also possible: Dickens's). But for nouns ending in 'ss apostrophe s is more common to avoid confusion in pronunciation - boss's car )
For irregular plural nouns not ending in 's: children's toys For plural nouns ending in 's: my parents' house

In compound nouns the apostrophe s is added to the last word: my mother-in-law's present.

To indicate joint ownership add 's to the last noun: Bill and Steve's music store.

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