MBA Essay


Many people believe that admissions officers like applicants with high GPA and GMAT scores. It is not really so. What they enjoy - is accepting young people whom they liked from the interview and the mba essay. If you are able to make the reader like you then your chances to get into this college are very high.

You want to be liked, OK... but don't over impress the audience by your assets. If your writing looks like something Napoleon would write, leave it out. Be sincere and honest, talking about your strong points.

Elaborate on these points in your essay:

  • Career Goals
  • Why an MBA?
  • Why This School?

The paradox of the mba essay is that you must write hundreds of words about yourself, but you must not sound self-absorbed. Do not overdo with the use of "I". MBAs must be excellent team players and self-importance is not a trait recruiters are looking for.

Typos suggest a lack of professionalism that is why they are unacceptable in your mba essay. Ideally you should have professional editors review your essay for errors and MBA admissions consultants check for proper tone, content and style.

MBA admissioners are tired of banal empty phrases like "I want to serve the mankind" and so on. Be original and specific when describing yourself.

Fill your mba essay with an optimistic approach to life; colleges seek bright and energetic people.

Writing in passive is a no-no for mba essays. Try to put life and energy into your essays instead of making it dull, drab and pretentiously stilted.

The admission officers need specific details about you to see how intelligent, talented and skilled you are.

If you are a consultant at a top management firm or an investment banker, talk about the specific assignments you have worked on and what you did in those assignments. And hit the hot topics. Avoid using vague terminology and obscure industry jargon to describe the work you do.

The committee members have to spend days checking your mba essays. Be merciful to them and don't exceed the indicated limit.

After the last word is written, see how many words you can leave out. That way you will turn overweight and ineffective essay crisp, focused, and clear.

Thank you.

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