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Management essay

Following my explanation in Fig. 1, I believe, whilst technical skills applies to the lower-level managers, it paved the way for the managers be more effective in their task in understanding their own function and prepares them to move up the hierarchy, building confidence and self esteem. With better confidence and knowledge, the managers tend to excel in their interpersonal skill. Interpersonal skills will assist the manager better in walking his job. The constraint for a manager at this point is his own attitude, assumption and beliefs, which may well influence the way he interact with his subordinates and peers to meet the organization’s goal.


One of the major issues that need to be considered in the management of knowledge is the identification of organisational knowledge, which can be, and needs to be captured. That is an important issue in knowledge management: what knowledge can be captured and information that cannot be captured. An example of knowledge that cannot be captured is some parts of a telephone conversation. A telephone conversation is full of current and up to date knowledge, and the conversation can be recorded to reuse the knowledge that has been created or mention on the telephone. However, if none of the conversation is recorded, and therefore, the knowledge that is created can be quite easily lost and is not captured.


One concern with social capital arises from organisations’ controllability and manageability. Carter and Mueller (2000) argue that social capital can be a powerful force in organisations. It can be created by organisations, but it does not automatically exist for organisations (Mueller, 1996). The interests of a network are not necessarily the same as the organisation’s. A social network within the organisation may well mobile bias (cf Bachrach and Baratz, 1969) in order to sustain its own interests. So whether, or to which extent, social capital is manageable and controllable by organisations is doubtful. In fact, ExecRecruit case demonstrates that it might be resolutely part of the ‘informal organisation’, resistant to managerial interventions (Mueller, 1996). Social capital may in fact prove to be debilitating or injurious to the realisation of organisational objectives (Carter & Mueller, 2000).

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