Life Essay

"Those who write clearly have readers; those who write obscurely have commentators."

You will agree that it is far better to have the first, not the last. However at college you are likely to come across the commentators and critics finding fault with every word you have written. It is their job.

But if to take pains every exacting commentator can be turned into the affable reader, revelling in every phrase of your custom essay. They have to like your essay and perceive a unique personality behind it.

Besides, in your academic life essays are the crucial element affecting your grades and rating among other students. To study well you have to write well.

The following list serves you as a strong recommendation how to make your essay shine:

•  Write in active voice

No matter what you are writing about, active verbs naturally make the writing style more straightforward, lucid and powerful.

•  Control your sentence length.

You should vary the sentence length and rhythm, balancing longer sentences with more dynamic short. The recommended sentence length should not exceed 20 words. Keep to this limit.

•  Give preference to simple words over complex.

Don't forget that you write your essay for someone to read it and understand it. In general, essay suggests writing about difficult notions in simple terms. Complex words will only hinder the process.

•  No jargon.

It does not add up to the understanding of the point you are going to make.

•  Limited use of abstract terms.

Or we'd better say no use of abstract terms. Make your writing as specific as possible to communicate your idea to the reader.

•  Avoid abbreviations and acronyms.

• Don't beat around the bush.

Come straight to the point, providing the reader only with essential background information. Every word in your sentence, paragraph and document must earn its place.

•  Open your body paragraphs with topic sentences. It instantly sets the reader for getting your idea. Besides, it contributes for developing a natural flow of the whole essay.

•  Provide transitions between paragraphs. Use connections to link the paragraphs. Your essay must be logical and every sentence should naturally flow into the other.

•  Give examples to elaborate on challenging points. Including illustrative examples to explain difficult or controversial issues makes your essay appealing, readable and smart.