Love essay


Writing about the most wonderful feeling in the world will bring you a lot of pleasure. Love gives us inspiration in everything and of course it will inspire you to produce an A- level love essay. Love essay has a lot in common with definition essay, if you are just explaining the meaning of the word. If you choose to debate different opinions on love, then your love essay will turn into argumentative/ persuasive essay. You may also want to tell the reader about some romantic story that impressed you greatly. In this case you will have to adhere to rules of writing the narrative essay. Your love essay may have a great number of purposes. You can concentrate on developing some argument, after considering different points of view on love. It can compare different "kinds" of love, expressing your personal preference. It is a good idea to enrich the introduction or conclusion with powerful quotes or a piece of poetry. 

Whatever variant you choose, be sure to follow the basic rules of writing the essays.