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  • What are your services and pricing policy?

    We offer custom writing and editing services for students of all ages and majors including students pursuing their Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's or a Professional degree. Our services consist of seven different urgency levels and three quality writer levels.

    • 6 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 48 hours
    • 3 days
    • 4 days
    • 7 days

    You can choose the quality level you require. There are three quality levels to choose from. The higher the price, the superior the level of your researcher and the sooner your order will be delivered. Our Standard Quality writing level is widely used for simple writing assignments at any level and is best suited for assignments at Pre-Bachelor and for some Bachelor degrees. Our Premium Quality level is intended for the students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s and some Master’s degrees. Our Specialized writers level fits most students who are pursuing Master’s and MBA degrees or specialized degrees such as Law, Biology, or Finance or other research intensive assignments. This level is recommended for courses that require extraordinary research and skill.

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