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4   Steps to choose a winning essay topic

Tutors often endow you with the right of selecting your own essay topic. It is difficult to say what is better: to work on the assigned topic or to hesitate which to choose? The following tips will show you how to organize the process of selecting your topic most efficiently.


1.What is your purpose?

Determine what you are going to do in your potential essay: convince people of your opinion, explain something, narrate a story, or compare things, people or ideas?



Once you have defined the slope of your writing note down the subjects that appeal to you. You will never produce a good paper if you don’t feel enthusiastic about the topic. Your choice should be based on the area of your personal interests and preferences.


3.Estimate each perspective topic

Don’t choose the complicated topic. You will waste a lot of precious time in search of necessary information and even more time to make some sense of it.


4.Narrow your topic.

It is impossible to cover a general topic in the scope of an essay. Extract more specific and particular issue from a general topic. That way you will have an opportunity to give a deeper and more detailed discussion of the question.

General subject: Movies
Narrowed topic: Soap operas
Specific topic: How soap operas influence us

Now you can precede your work on planning your essay and writing it.

Thank you.

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