Literature Essay



If you know how to write critical, comparison and analytical essays, literature essay  will present no difficulty for you, as it combines the basic techniques of these three types. When a tutor checks your literature custom essay, he wants to make sure you understand the author's point of view and you can also explain it. You must also analyze the language tools the author employs to express his opinion. Your knowledge of critical terms (irony, character, metonymy, metaphor, epithet, etc) will help you to evaluate the author's writing.

Have you heard about "close reading"? We expect most will answer "No". This term is not used in colleges nowadays. But we want you to know about it, as it is an essential element for writing a good literature essay. Close reading suggests reading to understand different levels of meaning (literal and figurative) within the text.

The preparatory stage of the literature essay implies planning your writing. In the introduction you announce your question and also present your thesis statement.

When writing the main part of the essay, be sure to structure your paragraphs carefully - discussing one point in the paragraph. It will make your essay cohesive and easy to follow.

As your essay will be rich in references and quotations, remember to style them correctly and accurately. Don't use too long quotations (no longer than three lines).

The conclusion gives you an opportunity to summarize the thesis statement. You may also emphasize why your topic is important, to suggest this issue in a broader context of critical discussion.