Compare and Contrast Essay



A compare and contrast essay gives a reader a detailed analyses of the matter you were given as a topic, for your task is to compare the facts, aspects, texts or any other matters and find similarities or differences.

There are several approaches you can apply to your essay.

  • Only compare or only contrast
  • Firstly describe one matter and then another
  • List only things that are similar or different
  • Compare and then contrast or vice a versa

Let's find out the peculiarity of each approach.

Only compare or only contrast
When using these methods, you have to concentrate on showing only compare or only contrast in the main body and briefly mention about contrasts in the introduction and about the similarities in conclusion. Despite the one-side opinion you dwell on, you have to turn the attention of the reader to the other side of the coin.

Firstly describe one matter and then another
If you do things gradually, step by step, it would be a nice idea for you to use this approach and describe one idea in the first part of main body and the other one in the next paragraph. A conclusion is a brief enumeration of differences and similarities. Therefore you do not dwell upon the task until you reveal the information that should be compared or contrasted.

List only things that are similar or different
In this approach you do not give any detailed information to the reader, for your suppose him to know everything already. You just list the contrasts and similarities giving each of them a separate paragraph. Here you focus on the details of comparison or contrast, not the evaluation of the matter itself.

Compare and contrast or vice a versa
This is an essay type that is the biggest by volume and the richest by proof. Here you are supposed to give general information on the investigated subjects and then develop the contrasts and similarities in the main body. The conclusion should form your personal view on this matter.

This is the type of essay where you can quote without fear to be accused of plagiarism for the words of celebrities may help you in the comparison and inn the contrast. Your language should be bright and be rich in fancy constructions, adverbs and adjectives. Do not forget abut proofreading you have to do a couple of times before you turn in the paper.

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