Book Report


Book report enables you to express your opinion on the book. It aims at checking your understanding of the book content. Basically your careful analysis of the book must help the reader to decide if this book is worth reading or not.

Though every tutor has his / her own requirements to writing book reports, the following ideas will be helpful in originating your own book report.

In the introductory paragraph you:

  • Introduce the author and title of the book
  • Explain your choice of the book
  • Classify the genre of the story
  • May choose to provide any interesting background information about the author connected with this particular book.
  • Write a thesis statement which reflects the main idea of the book.

In the body you dwell on the main elements of the book (theme, plot, setting and characters). Here you also express your opinion of the book.

Open the body by defining the theme of the story. (E. g Power of love). Then you come to describing the setting that is the time and place of the action. When it comes to speaking about the plot, you should recollect central events of the story. It does not suggest monotonous story retelling, but just to make sure your descriptions make up a clear picture. Brief and vivid character description is an essential part of the body too.

Presenting your opinions on the work be sure to answer such questions:

  • Why did you like or dislike the book?
  • What is your general impression of the book?
  • What did this book teach you?
  • Would you advise your friends to read it?
  • Does this book encourage reading other works by this author?

The shortest part of the book report is your conclusion. But it does not diminish its importance. You are to remind the reader the main point about the book.

Thank you.

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