Definition of an Essay Body and its Functions.
Giving an expanded answer to a question, you state your opinion, using facts and evidence to make your answer solid and persuasive. The man body is meant to serve the same aim.

An essay body is a segment of an essay that gives an expanded view and argumentation on the thesis statement and is the largest part of the essay. It consists of segmental parts or otherwise supporting paragraphs. The main function of any literary body is to provide a reader with information on the topic and show extended knowledge of the problem exposed in the essay. Further functions of the essay body depend on the type of essay, but the standards and general style are the same for any essay.

Designing the Main Body.
To compose the main body in a consistent way, it is necessary to take into account a couple of points that hold the foundation of an essay. To support the opinion an author is to rely on facts or evidence that was built up in a logical chain during the research. The key idea should be put into each supporting paragraph gradually driving the reader to a conclusion. Each paragraph should deal with points related to the same topic. Whenever you discuss a new topic, you should open a new paragraph.

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