Supporting Paragraph


A supporting paragraph is a fragment of a body that contains the essence of an essay – the result of your research. To structure your essay body consider the following advice:

  • To prove an opinion you need to formulate a number of topic statements united in a logical chain. Enlist direct facts of evidence that prove or refute your thesis statement. The topic sentence should be followed by supporting sentences which provide examples, details, and reasons to support the topic sentence.
  • Separate topic statements from each other by devoting a paragraph to each of them.
  • A supporting paragraph should also have a structure of its own with introductory and concluding statements and rich vocabulary.
  • Do not place irrelevant facts and statements into the body of your essay, though they may seem actual and bright.
  • Try to sort your paragraphs by relevance, logically concluding the most powerful one (the culmination). Other possible structure systems are chronological, where you present facts starting from the least important to most important and simplest to the most complicated.

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