To make your opinion trustworthy, you enlist the sources where you got your information from. As you know your essay serves the same purpose. To make your essay a realistic picture of your knowledge of necessary materials you have to enlist them to show how well you have coped with the task. A bibliography is a list of sources you have used during the writing process. Though at first sight it may seem that creating a bibliography is very easy, but the smallest deviation from the standard may cause a lower grade for you.

To structure your bibliography properly, use the following advice:

  • Enlist sources in the alphabetical order according to the last names of authors. If there is no last name mentioned, use the title of the source.
  • The list of sources should be abundant, but not too expanded. Mention every source, but only those that you have actually used, even if it was a simple scan through.
  • Mark the title of the source, so it will stand out from the text.
  • The smallest detail including the publisher and the year of publishing is appreciated. If you put the pages that you've used, it will be even more appreciated.
  • Use free space to separate one source from another, so it is possible to read each of them clearly.

Do not forget that you might be asked to defend your work and therefore to comment on your sources. Therefore be careful and accurate with the sources you include in your bibliography.

Thank you.

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