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Opinion Introductions

Here you offer to discuss two conflicting opinions on the topic.

Topic: Are exams useful?

Sentence For      Exams are intended to check the students’ proficiency and general knowledge of the subject, without them some students would never have learnt anything in their life.

Sentence against      However, exams affect students not in the best way, causing stresses, exhaustion and the acquired knowledge is usually not for long term.

Thesis      This essay will look at some of the arguments for and against the exams.

These are the words that will help you to construct a strong and clear thesis: analyze, look at, examine, discuss, outline, consider, describe


The body is meant for supporting the thesis with reliable evidence.

What makes a good body? – Good paragraphs. If they are well- structured, then your body will be easy clear and interesting to read.

A good body paragraph consists of:

  • Topic Sentence
  • Argument or Reason 1
  • Example, Explanation, or supporting detail
  • Argument or Reason 2
  • Example, Explanation, or supporting detail
  • Argument or Reason 3
  • Example, Explanation, or supporting detail
  • Paragraph summary (optional)


Conclusion is the most memorable part of the essay for the reader as it comes the last. That is why make it clear and powerful. A golden rule for writing the conclusions is that it should not include any new information for the reader.

In fact, conclusion and introduction are like twins. But in no way you use the same words as you did in the first part of the essay. So, you see that the time spent on selecting the synonyms at the beginning of your work is really necessary.

Your conclusion and introduction serve as decorating paper for your essay. The introductory paragraph and conclusion enfold your essay like a piece of beautiful paper “enfolds” the gift. Surely they are not the main elements of the essay, but they are crucial for a general good impression about your essay.

In the conclusion you will:

  • Remind the reader the main ideas
  • Express your point of view (if you have not done it yet)
  • Make predictions

Step 5: Revise… revise… revise.

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