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In your argument essay you aim at convincing the reader of your opinion. The skill of persuading your opponent and presenting your argument in a logical and convincing manner will also help you in a number of situations in your everyday life. That is why writing an argument essay is not a totally academic task.

The work on an argument essay can be divided into stages (steps). Read them through and you’ll see it is not that difficult.

Step 1: Understand the topic of the essay

Read the question of your essay and underline key terms in the topic. Then look up synonyms for these words in the dictionary. Thus you will avoid repetitions and it will demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

You should also decide if you are for or against the suggested idea. The best practice is to provide arguments for both opinions, and present your own point of view in the final part of your essay. At the same time you are free to choose another outline if you prefer to.

Step 2: Assemble pertinent information on the topic.

Step 3: Develop the plan

Structure your essay according to the common essay structure (introduction, body and conclusion).

Step 4: Write


  • The introduction acquaints the reader with the main issue of the essay and presents the writer’s point of view. You also may choose to inform the reader about the kind of evidence you will introduce in your essay. Generally introduction comprises three sentences :
  • two about the topic
  • one thesis sentence ( a kind of chart that will explain the reader what course you are going to take in your essay)

You may open your essay either with Situation or Opinion introduction. Though the difference between them is very slight.

Situation Introductions

Sentence 1      Describes one aspect of the current situation

Sentence 2      Presents the other aspect of the current situation

Thesis statement      Tells the reader what you are going to do in your essay

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